Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Week 3: There is a detective in the aquarium ... in the market and in the park.

I hope you have not been broken heart.

The activity I propose this week is outside. Kids will turn into detectives for several hours. The basic keys are: go unnoticed and hide the object of our search, to avoid detection.

Here we can see David and Dani mimicking into the environment of Barcelona´s Aquarium.

First, decide what kids will look for depending on the location. Dani decided he wanted to find an eel. He is very interested in them since he knows that "Fury Night" from "How to Train Your Dragon" hates eels. He also thought that the most appropriate for David to look for were "fund cleaners". When we do not watch him, he eats any piece of dropped food. There are always things to look for anywhere, for example ostrich eggs in the market, squirrels in the park, a painting in a museum ...

We love encyclopedic bits. They are just pictures of beings, objects, places with a short description on the back. So, before going out you have to seek a picture of your goal (including in internet) and read a few lines of information about it.

You will walk around the area with photo until you reach your goal.

Then fill in the form of this secret mission. (

If you like the game I encourage you to start your mission file, you will have fun and you will learn many things.

I hope you are good detective.

There are always extra activities in some places. Dani touching a starfish, a sea urchin and sea cucumber.


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