Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tales corner in the nursery.

I do not like carrying the typical candy bags for the classmates on birthdays; in return, I bring a gift for the class. The other day David´s smiling teacher, Jessica, encouraged us to bring a cushion to make a cozy corner of stories. So I decided that this year's gift would be that.

It consists on ten cushions and a bench. The cover cushions are removable, with a beautiful button and a loop of cord on each side which serves for kids transporting and keep them stacked on the sidewalk. The bench has a pocket to surprise the kids with ... "the story of the day.”
One day, Dani said, "Dad works but what do you do?" I said, "I work downstairs in my studio." To which Daniel replied, "No mom, you work collecting pillows. The idea of keeping the cushions stacked appeared from my pain at that answer. I imagined poor Jessi in a terrible cushion battle at Sunshine Daycare in Toy Story 3. 

Materials: (budget 44 euros)

10 cushions 50 * 60  gosa slan Ikea. EUR 9.9
1 Duvet (1.5 * 2m) + Ikea pillow
. Barnslig Nattliv14.95 euros
1 Bench
Solsta Pallbo Ikea. 14.95 euros
Miniland 10 buttons. 0.5euros
Blue ridge 2.5m.
2.5m green cord. 3 euros.
Note. I cut the duvet cover in 9 pieces, dividing each side into three parts. For the tenth cushion cover I used the pillow cover.
If you want to do a story corner at home, you can take a couple of pretty cushions and make a large pocket to put ... "the mysterious story of the day.”

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