Thursday, 3 February 2011

WEEK 1: SOS, there are stories devourers in my house.

We are starting our program with this activity.

All we know the importance of reading stories to children. If your toddler does not look a couple of new books every week, maybe we are not really aware of the extent of this. Reading a book of a young child's level can take one or two minutes.

I pointed to my very dynamic son, Daniel, to a contest of "super readers" when he was 2 years. Two months later, the teacher informed me of the incredible progress in vocabulary and speaks of the child. We used to read one book a day and he loved it to the point of making the abolition of the story at night, in the most severe punishment.

No only speech is enriched by reading but also the imagination, creativity, affectivity with whom you share... 
Many professionals state that a bad reading base may take your kid to school failure.

2 small transparent wide-mouth cans. (We've taken glass yogurt jars with a cloth and rubber cap. One of the fabric has an eyelet center to introduce the chickpeas)
85 jumping chickpeas.
1 black felt-tip pen.
1 kid library pass card.
At the end of the process (3 months) book award chosen by the kid.

1 When the kid gets an achievement (goal met, height reached, attained age ...), congratulate him and tell him that he has achieved to be a VIP member of the library.

 2 We will set a target of books a week, depending on age / complexity book. Multiply the number by 12 (number of weeks per term). Introduce the number of chickpeas in a pot. We can count them in front of him.

3 Establish a day a week or fortnight to visit the library and take the agreed number of books. We will set a time and place (see story corner) to read together. These appointments can be moved but habits are easier to follow with planning and perseverance.

"Which one have you read?"
4 Each time you read a book, take a chickpea, draw eyes and smile of little chickpea reader on it and introduce it inside the jar which was initially empty. When all the chickpeas are smiling in the new jar, we will take our kid to a book shop, and we will let him choose the book he wants as his prize. Additionally he might get the congratulations of the bookseller previously warned.


  1. Muchas felicidades por empezar esta idea tan chula. Te seguiré de cerca, guapa!!

  2. Hola MAría, no sé si te acuerdas, soy JImena de D´elhuyar. Esta bueno tu blog, yo también tengo 2 peques y coincido contigo, creo que el castigo de perderse el cuento de la noche es de lo más duro. Mis hijos están encantados con su carnet de la Biblioteca de Logroño, el mayor de 7 ya entra y sale y se saca sus libros....Animo, sigue posteando

  3. Como no me voy a acordar!!!Me hace muchísima ilusión que me hayas escrito y animado a seguir. Te mando un besito muy grande para los peques y para ti. Gracias!!!

  4. Me encanta que vayais a la biblioteca.
    Gracias a una compi de biblioteca he conocido este maravilloso blog.
    Soy bibliotecaria, y mami de 1 bombón de 16 meses.
    Seguiré muy atentamente este blog... de lo mejorcito que he visto en muuuuuuuuucho tiempo


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