Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Popcorn cones, red theme party.

The support of the cones is a shoebox. I lined the lid and the box with two different roles. Then, with a cutter I made four aligned triangles on the back and another three aligned ones on the front, both on lid and box.

Materials for twelve cones:

1 Red or white cardboard 50x65cm.
1 Eva rubber sheet (opposite color to the cardboard).
Double sided tape.
Thread or glue to adhere the number:

Tools: Normal or zigzag scissors.
Wheel tool to make holes.
Optional: Sewing machine.

Process: 1 Make a template of the number "2.” Mark it on the Eva rubber sheet. See picture.
2 Trim with zigzag scissors the number 2.
3 Cut the cardboard into 12 rectangles 15x16.5cm. Note: Divide the side of 50 cm in 3 parts of 16.5cm.
4 Print the template. (Download) Place a cardboard over and make holes with the wheel tool for folding lines.
5 Sew or paste the number centered.
6 Place double sided tape on the tab.
7 Fold and glue to the tape.

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