Monday, 30 May 2011

Door Hanger asleep / awake.

I have quite forgotten the little ones at home. This door hanger reminds members of the house and visitors that there is a baby sleeping and they should respect his rest (and the forgotten mom´s rest). It is a simple cardboard from a box with a picture of baby Dani awake and on the other side asleep.

The original idea is from the nice and warm book "The Peaceful Nursery: Preparing A Home For Your Baby With Feng Shui".

Putting the picture, was my contribution. The truth is that when I was passing by and I saw it, it made me smile. Besides  suddenly, the uncomfortable and unpleasant "shhh"emanating from my mouth disappeared.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Decorating a tree in the forest with the colors of FC Barcelona.

We are little or nothing football fans, but if a Spanish team is in the champios league final, we will support them where necessary. So we've gone to the mountain and we have decorated  a tree with the colors of the champion to anticipate victory. 

Good luck, you are the best.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

WEEK 17. Drawing with flashlights in the dark.

The activity I propose this week is to draw shapes, letters ... with a flashlight in the dark.

- Camera.
- Flashlight.

- Put the camera in the "night" position.
- Turn off the light.

Invite your child to move the lantern drawing letters, shapes... Ask him not to movehis body too much.
- Take pictures and then watch them on your computer, comment letters, shapes...

This activity was not foreseen it was a pleasant "accident" after our home lab activity.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Birthday party invitation, rainbow theme.

This is Dani´s birthday invitation. It is supposed to be a postcards written from each guest to Daniel saying the following:

I am willing to go to your  "Rainbow "  birthday party on June 10 at 17:17 at your home. I have to talk to my mom to ask permission to go and to know  what plain color shirt could I bring to make the largest human rainbow of history. I do not know whether to choose yellow, orange, red, green, blue or purple. I will also bring swimsuit and towel to take a dip in your pool. I cannot wait to see all the surprises you have prepared, also to be playing and dancing until it’s dark.

PS: I'll tell mom to call your mom to tell her we will go and if not I'll cry until breaking their eardrums. "

In the postcard picture you can see Dani´s mates fused into a rainbow. The custom stamp is a picture of each guest with the review "VIP Guest. " We made the post mark with an ink pad.

Can you imagine what would happen if a postcard like this with a false stamp falls into a mailbox? Do you think this kid dream would reach its destination? Well, you are not going to believe it but the other day one of these postcards accidentally dropped into a mailbox ...

Saturday, 21 May 2011

What adults can learn from children. Adora Svitak.

After buying several dozen coloring booklet, I must say that I have found no instructions.Why all parents and teachers know perfectly "how" to use? Is it just my booklets that are orphans of instructions? "Javierín, steady hand, red color and fill the inside of the boundary layer on flattone. Mind to get away, because we cut your fingers. "

When one of those books fell into my hands, it had thousands of possibilities. AlexanderMcqueen prints on the hood, other friends around, a bird pecking, a background of alarge futuristic city ... Suddenly, I got into the parent normal society and all the possibilities disappeared under the authority of the red plane, which had not even crossed my mind.

I deeply respect the red Little Red Riding Hoods plane color of our boring world of adults, but why impose it on children?

I would like to share this video on behalf of our kids, it's a great little genius of a twelve years old".

Thursday, 19 May 2011

WEEK 16. Creating a wood panel with our names.

This week, Dani has made ​​a wooden panel with his name and his brother´s to hang on the door of the wooden house.

- Letters (0.75EUR each).
- Shelf bought at Ikea (1.5 euros).
- Double-sided tape, white glue and scissors.

- Stick double-sided tape on the corners of the letters and put glue.

- Name letters, syllables ...

- Glue letters onto the wood.

This activity is very interesting because not only fine motor exercises are worked, but knowledment of letters as well. Dani is very reluctant to do anything that has to do with letters at home and he loved this.

For our week activity I propose to make a poster for the kid´s room with wooden letters or cardboard.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

WEEK 15. We are playing a fun home chemistry lab.

Our weekly activity is to recreate a home lab, I am writing some ideas of possible materials.

- Eyedropper. (From a drug)
- Syringe.
- Juice
 mixers sticks.
- Plastic tweezers to grab samples.
- Flasks and test tubes (glass of yogurt cups and tubes of tea.)
- Safety glasses. (Any type)
- Lab coat.
- Magnifying glass .
- Plastic egg box.
- Porcelain spoons.
- Small porcelain bowl.
- Small spoons.
- Cloth towels.

- Water with food coloring.
- Ice with food coloring.
- Dye powder ...
- Glitter.
- Effervescent tablet candy.
- Peta zeta.


1 .- Set all material in an attractive way over an absorbent cloth, within reach of kids to prevent leakage.

2 .- Observe and leave him act.

Dani mixed different colored water and he discovered that other colors appear. At the end I told him what he already had discovered: that the secondary colors are formed from primary colors.

While playing with the eyedropper, I encouraged him to count.

It was fun.

All times he calls to re-play "that game of the other day with many pots ..."

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