Saturday, 7 May 2011

WEEK 14. Nurturing Geniuses 2. Healthy breakfast. Sugar against slow absorption carbohydrates.

A healthy breakfast should contain:

- Carbohydrates: Toast bread with olive oil, tuna or turkey slice.
- Fiber + vitamins + slow carbohydrates: Fruit.
- Protein: 1 milk. Yogurt or glass of milk.


1 .- If you give your child a piece of toast and a small bottle of olive oil he would certainly try to drop it on the toast and eat it. It is his creation ... Dani loves the process.

.- Doesn´t your child like fruit? Well, what doesn´t he like fruit or chewing? Have you tried to slices the fuit and serve it as a fruit carpaccio sprinkled with sugar or caramel threads?

3 .- Do not you have time to cut apples or bananas ... There is more fruit. Children like small things. Have you tried raspberries, blueberries, kumquats ...? OK, they are not cheap, but chocolate eggs with surprise or donuts are not cheap either. A tiny portion is not worth much more and you can saves on drugs ...

.- Try to alternate normal yogurt with soy, if you put yogurt in a glass cup, you will break the monotony and it may be more attractive.

According to Patrick Holford (Optimum Nutrition for the mind of the child), sugar is the main fuel of the brain. It Is obtained from carbohydrates and it is very important to keep your levels balanced. The excess could lead to the effect of bouncing against the walls and the defect: fatigue, irritability, dizziness, insomnia, aggression, low concentration, anxiety, blurred vision, depression... 

Unbalance sugar affects IQ.
Refined sugars cause unbalances with both harmful effects of excess and defect.

Conclusion: To maintain the brain's functions you need to keep sugar levels balanced.

-Eat whole foods (whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fresh fruits).
-Avoid too much processed food.
- Choose whole grains (rice, millet, rye, oats, wheat, corn ...), breads and pastas.
-Avoid sugar or anything containing it (including glucose, sucrose, dextrose added). Sugar substitutes are harmful and maintain the craving for sugar.
-Combine foods with carbohydrates, protein and fiber. The combination causes sugar to be absorbed more slowly. It is better to eat a salad and a bowl of rice just rice.

Beautiful hotel Baobab fruits basket in Gran Canaria this Easter.
Thanks Miguel Angel (Head Chef) for making us feel like kings in a luxury hotel with African character.

-Choose fridge
 or fresh juices without sugar added, dilute
 with water to 50% and avoid long storage date.
-Encourages a good breakfast. (Beware of typical breakfast cereals which have a lot of hidden sugars).
-Avoid foods and drinks containing caffeine, chocolate, tea, coffee

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