Sunday, 22 May 2011

Birthday party invitation, rainbow theme.

This is Dani´s birthday invitation. It is supposed to be a postcards written from each guest to Daniel saying the following:

I am willing to go to your  "Rainbow "  birthday party on June 10 at 17:17 at your home. I have to talk to my mom to ask permission to go and to know  what plain color shirt could I bring to make the largest human rainbow of history. I do not know whether to choose yellow, orange, red, green, blue or purple. I will also bring swimsuit and towel to take a dip in your pool. I cannot wait to see all the surprises you have prepared, also to be playing and dancing until it’s dark.

PS: I'll tell mom to call your mom to tell her we will go and if not I'll cry until breaking their eardrums. "

In the postcard picture you can see Dani´s mates fused into a rainbow. The custom stamp is a picture of each guest with the review "VIP Guest. " We made the post mark with an ink pad.

Can you imagine what would happen if a postcard like this with a false stamp falls into a mailbox? Do you think this kid dream would reach its destination? Well, you are not going to believe it but the other day one of these postcards accidentally dropped into a mailbox ...

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