Thursday, 12 May 2011

WEEK 15. We are playing a fun home chemistry lab.

Our weekly activity is to recreate a home lab, I am writing some ideas of possible materials.

- Eyedropper. (From a drug)
- Syringe.
- Juice
 mixers sticks.
- Plastic tweezers to grab samples.
- Flasks and test tubes (glass of yogurt cups and tubes of tea.)
- Safety glasses. (Any type)
- Lab coat.
- Magnifying glass .
- Plastic egg box.
- Porcelain spoons.
- Small porcelain bowl.
- Small spoons.
- Cloth towels.

- Water with food coloring.
- Ice with food coloring.
- Dye powder ...
- Glitter.
- Effervescent tablet candy.
- Peta zeta.


1 .- Set all material in an attractive way over an absorbent cloth, within reach of kids to prevent leakage.

2 .- Observe and leave him act.

Dani mixed different colored water and he discovered that other colors appear. At the end I told him what he already had discovered: that the secondary colors are formed from primary colors.

While playing with the eyedropper, I encouraged him to count.

It was fun.

All times he calls to re-play "that game of the other day with many pots ..."

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