Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Circus Birthday Party. Daniel 3 years.

I think I will advance Daniel´s fourth birthday party for the next monthSo I'm starting to think about the design of our invitation. I have rescued some pictures of the one we did last year when he turned three years old. The picture above is the classic circus festivals picture.

The shirt had several pictures with the number three (download here).

This is the photo booth we did, to take  funny pictures.

Here I show a recreation of the invitation. Actually the cardboard base was yellow and the balloon was red. Each invitation had some tickets that guests had to deliver in different positions of the games (download here). I inflated each balloon and wrote the address, time... with permanent marker  At the top I stuck a note with the photo of Dani inviting to the party (download here). I made a laminated VIP card with photo and details of each guest who had to show it at the entrance. The one in the photo above is not the party, it is a card I did for a game of hunting dragons in Barcelona when we were visited by some American friends.

This is the real one for the birthday.

I show you the kids' table. The plates were these colorful pots from Ikea. The ones in the center are to share.

On the sides, each child had their own with a banner with his/her photo. 

This is the adult´s table with drinks and snacks that still do not appear.

Water bottles had a label with a picture of each child in the center (download here).

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