Wednesday, 29 June 2011

WEEK 22. Sensory tubs.

The interest of the kids is overwhelming.

They create their own sensory tubs by themselves.

...even in a weding.

Our week activity consists on playing with sensory tubs.

Fill a box with sand and treasures (chocolatecoins and glass stones).

Cover with sand and make an attractive scene.

It is more fun to find first treasures with friends.

Then happens what happens...

It is very interenting for the little ones.

If you want to see more aplications click here.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Mineralizate baby. Teas, a healthy alternative.

Teas can extract  main therapeutic and healthy assets from  plants. You can sweeten them with sugar or honey (honey contains vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, minerals and hormone-like substances with effects like antiseptic). Infusions can also be  a nice drink and are a feast for the senses.

Teas for children over 3 years:
- Rooibos. Taken alone or mixed with milk or juice. It tastes sweet and aromatic. You can take it cold as an alternative to soft drinks. It covers part of the daily requirements of calcium, magnesium and fluoride essential for bones and teeth.
- Chamomile. It is advisable after meals and advisable to reduce colic. It is mildly sedative and stimulates digestion.
- Lavender. It is done with the plant (not essential oil) and it is used for children over three years to sleep more quietly and without interruption.
- Malva flower infusion is used to soothe and soften the throat or bronchial colds, reduce the mucus, sore throat and all sorts of respiratory ailments.
- Melisa. Toddlers that sometimes uneasy when they are really tired, can be calmed by a Melisa bath.
I invite you to buy a box of bags of some of the teas listed above and staple the followings tags.
Download here.

Kids really like the adult´s rituals. You can start with the classic bags or containers that they can fill with herbs, while you controll the temperature of the water.
You can also fill a jar and put it in the fridge now that summer has just begun.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

WEEK 21. Taste activities.

Dani had to take to school products to practice taste. So we made ​​a giant tongue and Dani placed on it the different areas where flavors are detected. We also brought a basket with a product of each taste type to be placed on the giant tongue: Salty-chips, Bitter-chocolate 85%, Sweet-peach jam, Acid-lemon and pickled onions.

The book "Train your mind to be a genius" suggests three interesting activities on the subject:
1.-Tasting food with stuffy nose and then uncovered. Children learn the importance of smell in taste.
2.-Test different flavored jellies blind folded and try to identify them.
3.- Dry tongue with a tissue and try to taste something. Do the same without removing saliva. They learn that substances should be dissolved in saliva to be tasted.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Donut cake.

This is Dani´s quick cake to take to school.

I hope kids like it.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dani´s birthday party. Rainbow theme.

Once upon a time, a rainbow party to which were invited many children. Garlands were made of small pieces of fabric and toys ... Theyr were also used to hang swimsuits.

In the morning, it started raining and raining. It seemed it would never end. Even tissue pom poms turned this way although they were under an umbrella. How to make pompoms, click here.

We had to advise about dangers. To see templates click here, here and here.

Finally deluge stopped right at the start of the party.

To see how Dani did the flowers click here.

We  brought some dummies guests to fill the partyYou can print images for balloons on sticker paper. Click here.

But finally guests came and we did a beautiful human rainbow.

The snack was available to children and they could eat what they wanted when they wanted.

Ikea tables with paper tablecloths sewn and drawn.

There was a table with an odd colorful tablecloth and sweets over it.

One exhibitor offered croissants and snacks.

Dani made some rainbow cookies. To see how he did it click here.

Tasty lollipops were offered on an eggcase. Download and print lips cardboard template here.

Leire is licking her lips, mmm ....

Kids had their rainbow water bottle with their picture not to lose it. Templates labels here.

Parents could pick their mustache. Template "Choose your mustache" here.

... and they did. Download and print sheet paper mustache adhesive here.


Activities in the water could not be.

Although swords could not be missed.

Rainbow Nails.

Paula shows off her manicure.

Games in the house. (Coming soon house details) 

Danger, barefoot children ...

The star activity ... You can imagine.

Then time for the cake.

To make a nice cake from a cake base .... Only  fix chocolate smarties with liquid chocolate and set chocolate cookies around the cake. Make a banner printing name on patterned paper and cut into diamonds to blend.

Dani had a great time.

They finishes tired.

...and party ended.
It was great. Thank you for coming.

Danis´s rainbow birthday templates.

All templates here.

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