Monday, 27 June 2011

Mineralizate baby. Teas, a healthy alternative.

Teas can extract  main therapeutic and healthy assets from  plants. You can sweeten them with sugar or honey (honey contains vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, minerals and hormone-like substances with effects like antiseptic). Infusions can also be  a nice drink and are a feast for the senses.

Teas for children over 3 years:
- Rooibos. Taken alone or mixed with milk or juice. It tastes sweet and aromatic. You can take it cold as an alternative to soft drinks. It covers part of the daily requirements of calcium, magnesium and fluoride essential for bones and teeth.
- Chamomile. It is advisable after meals and advisable to reduce colic. It is mildly sedative and stimulates digestion.
- Lavender. It is done with the plant (not essential oil) and it is used for children over three years to sleep more quietly and without interruption.
- Malva flower infusion is used to soothe and soften the throat or bronchial colds, reduce the mucus, sore throat and all sorts of respiratory ailments.
- Melisa. Toddlers that sometimes uneasy when they are really tired, can be calmed by a Melisa bath.
I invite you to buy a box of bags of some of the teas listed above and staple the followings tags.
Download here.

Kids really like the adult´s rituals. You can start with the classic bags or containers that they can fill with herbs, while you controll the temperature of the water.
You can also fill a jar and put it in the fridge now that summer has just begun.

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