Monday, 6 June 2011

Intellectual lunch, chattering oranges and tangerines.

The season of oranges is finishing, but what a surprise! See what a strange hybrid has fallen into my hands. It is the orange of wisdom, which is fantastic when children are learning to write names, numbers, shapes ... or even for short messages of love.

As you know tangerines are orange´s cousins and there is alsotangerine wisdom tree whose fruits are great for lunch at school.

The nephews of tangerines are kumquats. We love them at home…I would like to be sincere. A kumquat tree would be the best surprise gift I could have from my husband for our recent wedding anniversary.

I show you a picture to give you an idea of how nice it can be. Besides, it is easy to find because they sell in most of the "gardens" near my house.

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