Thursday, 23 June 2011

WEEK 21. Taste activities.

Dani had to take to school products to practice taste. So we made ​​a giant tongue and Dani placed on it the different areas where flavors are detected. We also brought a basket with a product of each taste type to be placed on the giant tongue: Salty-chips, Bitter-chocolate 85%, Sweet-peach jam, Acid-lemon and pickled onions.

The book "Train your mind to be a genius" suggests three interesting activities on the subject:
1.-Tasting food with stuffy nose and then uncovered. Children learn the importance of smell in taste.
2.-Test different flavored jellies blind folded and try to identify them.
3.- Dry tongue with a tissue and try to taste something. Do the same without removing saliva. They learn that substances should be dissolved in saliva to be tasted.

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