Thursday, 19 May 2011

WEEK 16. Creating a wood panel with our names.

This week, Dani has made ​​a wooden panel with his name and his brother´s to hang on the door of the wooden house.

- Letters (0.75EUR each).
- Shelf bought at Ikea (1.5 euros).
- Double-sided tape, white glue and scissors.

- Stick double-sided tape on the corners of the letters and put glue.

- Name letters, syllables ...

- Glue letters onto the wood.

This activity is very interesting because not only fine motor exercises are worked, but knowledment of letters as well. Dani is very reluctant to do anything that has to do with letters at home and he loved this.

For our week activity I propose to make a poster for the kid´s room with wooden letters or cardboard.

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