Saturday, 21 May 2011

What adults can learn from children. Adora Svitak.

After buying several dozen coloring booklet, I must say that I have found no instructions.Why all parents and teachers know perfectly "how" to use? Is it just my booklets that are orphans of instructions? "Javierín, steady hand, red color and fill the inside of the boundary layer on flattone. Mind to get away, because we cut your fingers. "

When one of those books fell into my hands, it had thousands of possibilities. AlexanderMcqueen prints on the hood, other friends around, a bird pecking, a background of alarge futuristic city ... Suddenly, I got into the parent normal society and all the possibilities disappeared under the authority of the red plane, which had not even crossed my mind.

I deeply respect the red Little Red Riding Hoods plane color of our boring world of adults, but why impose it on children?

I would like to share this video on behalf of our kids, it's a great little genius of a twelve years old".

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