Wednesday, 9 February 2011

WEEK 2: Do not break my heart.

I hope you have a group of smiling chickpeas.
This week our activity is a preset from our kids to their princes and princesses in Valentine´s Day.

Materials: (for 7 hearts)

1 A4 size white cardboard.
1 red cardboard A4.
 M&m´s to fill. (You can also use jelly beans or heart shaped lollipops, small nuts ...)
Zigzag scissors.
Round red stickers or sewing machine with thread or yarn & needle or stapler or whatever you can think of.
Optional: paint, glitter, stickers, ties ... to decorate. Useful with sprocket holes to line.

Process: 1 Download template (here) and print full screen on one of the cards.
2 Overlap the two cards and cut hearts.
3 If you have a wheel tool for making holes, make a small line on the two cards by the middle of the heart to indicate the area of "tear". It is easier if you do it over a cork sheet
4 Decorate the hearts with your ideas, small signature, draw hearts on the back, put red stickers ...
5 Join the two hearts with the method you like. Fill with M&M´s before finishing sewing.

6 Deliver fondly on February 14 at your dear.

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