Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Happy Birthday David!

Today my little David turns two years old. We are very pleased to how big and beautiful he is.
Here we see him with all the swords that he will take to his classmates. We hope that Jessi can control all swordsmen. Congratulations!

This Christmas, Dani and his cousin Miguel attended a balloon twisting workshop taught by the great magician Alcalá in Logroño.

It's easy if you know the basic ideas:

1 We need a pump that inflates when you hit and when you stretch (like the one pictured).
2 Hold the balloon with one hand on each end and stretch them to put your arms opened. Repeat seven times.
3 Inflate the balloon smoothly and leave at the end of the balloon a deflated length depending on the figure.
4 Tie the balloon and make twisting from the area always tied to the area deflated.

Here you have a fantastic website where you will learn a lot of figures, sword. If you decide to start, you will see how easy is to make a child.

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