Monday, 4 April 2011

Frightening away night monsters. Inhabited curtains.

It seemed a peaceful night, until a shattering scream from upstairs startled me. You know that moms can identify a change in our kid breathing behind two locked doors and a floor apart, while we obviate the sound of a blown glass on the floor in the middle of the night. That cry had awakened the laziest father... but it did not. I went flying in my interstellar rocket and found myself face to face with a terrible invasion of monsters in the room of my little Daniel. I think my presence frightened them and took them out of Dani´s eyesight. To ensure the successful monster flight we sprayed everything with the most effective  monsters repellent: water with drops of lavender essential oil.

Once solved this annoyance, I returned to bed with the taste of the mission accomplished. Only an hour later, I felt in my heart the same cry, just seconds before hearing it with my own ears. Dani told me between sobs that "nousemonsters" had disappeared but in their place, a horde of "tinymonsters" who invaded his bed, had emerged. The best remedy against "tinymonsters” is a friend sizable monster in the bed of the infant. So we did, "Little Monster" stood by Daniel, with eyes wide open, guarding his sweet dreams.

An hour before what is called day, "gigamonster" moved across the threshold of Dani´s door, while shaking all at his feet and he issued our beloved "Little Monster" to shiver under the bed. I promised Dani to solve the problem for the subsequent night. And so I act, I placed a magic curtain that frightens monsters in threshold of the door. (Bought at Imaginarium.)

The evening was looming placid until midnight when a band of "flymonsters" went through every window and slipped into the room, knocking lamps and other equipment. That had already taken more than thorny ways and only a radical solution could end so many setbacks. Dani and I conclude that the best way to scare off all these undesirable monsters was with a monster repellent battalion of cuddly toys. So we proceeded, I sewed three shades with spread trenches that were conquered by stuffed animals. And finally we eliminate our latest weakness and we put away all these odious visitors ever.

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