Thursday, 7 April 2011

WEEK 10. Holiday gift kit filled with magical objects.

Mmm! It is beginning to smell like spring by here. Surely although you do not go on holiday, you will have any excursion on mind. I recommend that you do not bring forth hundreds of toys. You will meet in an environment that is not the usual with lots to explore and analyze that will not be at your disposal when you return home.

I propose that you allow him to choose only one or two toys and apart, create a "surprise vacation kit to delivery in
 the area.

If you stay, the kit could be done within a box and if you go you can choose a backpack.

Then I am writting what is in the Dani´s surprise kit and some other alternative idea.

Tool to interact: Lupa. (compass, flashlight, whistle ...)
Worldly pleasures: pack of gum and balloons. (Special Lollipop)
Book: About the stars to identify them at night, in the library. (Magic Tricks for cousin Michael)
Social relations: Envelopes, stamps, sheets, pens, address, a friend, family, or class to write letter + card from the site.
Laughter: jokes, camara that thows water.
Visual arts: color chalk, colored paper, scissors, drawing story of prehistory andpaintings.
Mathematics: Trading Card Game. (Ludo, goose ...)
Physical: Rope. (Indiaca, inflatable ball, hoops to collect background water ...)
Location: Plano location instead.
Ideas: Deck to play brainstorming.

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