Monday, 18 April 2011

Mom, I want a pet!

I knew that sooner or later it would arrive.

Dani: Mom, I want a pet!
Mom: And what pet do you want?
D: I want a horse.
M: Well, a horse ... if you want to, we could go to a riding club and you can horse ride from time to time.
D: No, I want a horse to bring him with me to the dining room...

Difficult questions when three years old were amazing, but acceptable. But, what about these impossible desires...?

In the end, I tried to explain Daniel, that animals feel better living on their own environment. Remember Tinker Bell when she was locked in a cage. 

I suggested buying a bird house and leave food for them to come at their will as Tinker Bell.
We did a lollipop of lettuce and another one with honey coated on seeds. Tonight we had a visit....

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