Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Week 13. Writing a letter with an original gift for... a princess on her birthday.

On 29th April our beautiful princess Sophia will be four years old.

So Dani and David have sent her a letter with a small gift for her and her beautiful sister Leonor, trying to encourage the day.

We wish you a happy princess birthday.

The kids have sent to them two double dice that are used to learn numbers, play to add, subtract, multiply ... the two numbers.

How many letters of someone who loves you, except from your bank,
 have you received last month?

Letters are romantic and nostalgic extinct beings. Before they disappear from the face of the earth swallowed up by social networks, chats or emails, I invite you as our activity of the week to write, draw, paste, sculpt or sing a funny and original letter to an important person, whethera loving grandfather, a princess on her birthday, a handsome singer, a smiling teacher, a cartoon character, an unforgettable friend ...

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