Monday, 25 July 2011

Trip from Figueras to Olot, Spain.

I propose a magical tour through the north of Girona.

We have done it without the kids but I think it could be adapted for children from 3 years.

If you get to get to Figueres, Dalí's home town, around noon you can eat the fantasticmenu    "L´ou d´or" (around 12 euros).

In the afternoon visit indispensable Dali museum theater. Try to entry with guided groups.

After the museum you drive to Cadaqués and have dinner in "The balconet." Sleep somewhere economic Figueras. In the morning I recommend you visit the Spa "Qualia" in a circle of Figueras. For only 60 euros you get a massage of 1.30 min + 30 min in the small but interesting Spa.
Visit the beautiful medieval town of Besalú and eat there.

From 3 pm go to one of the pavellons de Les cols en Olot and spend the afternoon experiencing new sensations of peace and contemplation. For dinner go to "La Deu" and try its menu frome 11 euros with their tradicional la Deu potatoes than you even can take away.

The next morning enjoy the incredible breakfast in your glass refuge "Les cols pavellons" and begin the trip to the volcano of Montsacopa  with stunning views of the city.

You will find Sant Francesc hermitage.

You can climb the towers.

Beside enjoy nature in a place carpented with volcanic rocks.

Then go to Fageda d´en Jordá.

You can make a tour by carriage through the beech.

Find magic things while walking...

... trees in love.

There are great areas for picnic.

Surprise yourself with the incredible bag for the way  provided in "Les cols". It will make you change your mind about picnics.

In the afternoon visit the Croscat volcano with its attractive section that lets you see the inner layers. If you come to Barcelona do not forget to drive the new road towards Vic

It was an unforgettable getaway.

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  1. Sounds like such an AMAZING trip. I miss being in Europe. Would love to get back that way someday with the little ones in tow. So much to see and do!


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