Monday, 18 July 2011

Four essential to our kids happiness and intelligence.

We want our children to be happy. We provide everything they need so that someday they have all the tools to choose from. Our society is saturated with information and activities, with a tendency to turn them into little stressed yuppies. Nobody wants their kid to miss the train, the train to where?

From my point of view, these are the four things in order, we should try to provide our kids to develop a good brain capacity to prepare them for the life disappointments.

1. - Give AFFECTION. Cuddle, caress, give massages, kiss, smile, keep your eyes on him, play with him, support him ... For two reasons:
         1.1-Affection provides security and self-confidence, attitude to face problems and feel safe.
         1.2-The lack of affection at early age can lead to deficiencies in the formation of some parts of the brain that can lead to aggressive tendencies or depressive when adults. To learn more you can see the end this video networks. "The baby's brain" Sue Gerhardt author of "Why Love Matters."

2 .- PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Treatment of children with cerebral palsy made ​​by the great Glenn Doman are based on physical work: crawling ... Exercise oxygenates brain and promotes brain development of synaptic connections. When creativity is blocked exercise is a great source for resume inspiration. To find out how physical activity influences the development of the brain read next post on 5th sept "Physical activity makes us smarter."

3 .- VARIED ESPERIENCES. Different stimuli create different synaptic connections in the brain. Try that children see, smell, feel, live, do different things. The more things you provide them, the more criteria they will obtain. With this I am not in favor of stressing children but for example that instead of always going to the same park, get to know others, instead of buying video film, borrow different ones at the library, try new foods, visit different sites, draw with
 different materials, read stories in other languages, and of course follow this blog with various activities.

4.-SOCIAL RELATIONS. Experts say that a person can relate constantly more or less with an average of 100 people. They also say that people with more relationships become more intelligent because they learn different things from others. I suggest you visit uncles, cousins​​, grandparents, neighbors, activities might not always be focused on the class group friends, perhaps they can meet children of your colleagues, or kids in your neighborhood that they do not go to their school. ..

"If you teach children what you know, they can remember enough to follow your footsteps, if you teach them to learn, they will go anywhere

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