Friday, 29 July 2011

HOLIDAY 1. We found amazing parks.

Sometimes when you're climbing a mountain you have to stop, stop to look fondly the trip made and to think about where you want to go. These stops do not they you farer from the goal, because you get more strength and ideas to continue to rise. This August I want to stop, to return in September with lots of energy. I appreciate all the support in recent months. I'm leaving but I'd leave you a last post about  the kids secret house and two proposals for holidays.

1 .- Save the list of "Things I have to do" for September and create a new: "things I want to do" for August.

2.-A few weeks ago I told you how important new experiences are. I propose that this month you take the kids to the park and that you try to discover new parks each time. Walk a few blocks to find an  apparently uninteresting tiny park . Make the effort to run away to a natural park. Stop calmly, observe people, other children, birds ... It will be a gift for children and for adults.

Traditional fun park.

Hills of grass parks to run, climb, roll ...

Magical parks to dream.

Athletes parks.

Rustic adventures parks.

Natural parks to discover.

Water parks to bear heat.

Never avoid going to the park. Not worth the excuses.

... and if you can share it with family it will be great.

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