Thursday, 17 March 2011

WEEK 7. A creative dung for Father's Day.

Creativity is important but so is tradition, because it takes us closer to our roots. For this reason I had thought that keeping alive traditions is important and I have decided to make the “typical” dung gift for Father's Day. I recommend that you read my article: "Is dung creativity?" before, by clicking here.

White clay.
Various objects (treasures): Coins, shells, stones ...

"To smile"

1. - Invite your child to model. If the adult begins to do it, surely the child will want to make his own.
2. - NEVER intervene in your child´s  work; unless you perceive huge structural problems. Then explain how to fix, or help him subtly with his/her consent. It is better that kid works in our sculpture that we do in his. Remember that all this work is for him/her, not for us. (It might be difficult to control ourselves at some point but please do not kill his creativity by teaching him/her all our vast wisdom ... in modeling?)
3 .- Let him/her do, and encourage him/her at all times with constructive criticism but not with free praises.

Process:Modeling, dry. Paint, dry, give away.

If you want to, you can download our sheet with the banner for the work here. (Té-quiero-papa/I-love-dad.)

I dedicate this post to the excellent restorer Marga Ors. She might be thinking about how less prolific where her modeling master classes, from an island.

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