Wednesday, 9 March 2011

WEEK 6. Dinosaur theme day.

Dani had a day off, dad was a skiing in the Alps for a week and David had to go to the nursery. Dani and I decided to make an elder’s trip, but the day did not smile us. So we stayed home and as we had in mind a visit to a dinosaur exhibit soon, we decided to enjoy a dinosaur day theme.

Dani thought dinosaur would be a good audience for an exciting race.

We bought a dinosaur book and we tried to identify our friends in the book.

Then we drew a portrait for each one.

During the lunch, Dani decided to share salad with herbivores and meat with carnivores.

In the afternoon we watched a movie about dinosaurs. Dani loved it.

We had for dinner, dinosaur soup.

And finally we made a book to remind us that day with photos and drawings.

Sure you can also make your day theme. Will you share your ideas on comments?

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  1. How absolutely brilliant! I love it so much!!! Thanks for sharing it with me.

    Love Kelly


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