Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Message in a bottle. Following his path. Dreams.

Sometimes I wonder what happens with all those messages in bottles that shipwrecked persons desperately throw to the sea. Will they be swallowed up by the ferocity of the water and will they be in the "bottle with a message" cemeteries? Will they be treated as dirt by casual walkers? ... There are headlines of bottles sailing for a couple of decades and then found in neighboring seas. (See here)

My big curiosity made me to embark us on a possible messages adventure. March 10 at 12:30, adventurer Daniel went on a ship called swallow in the historic port of Barcelona and under the watchful eye of the great Christopher Columbus who raised his hand showing the way to the horizon, Dani left. After 45 minutes of arduous journey, Daniel hopeful threw a bottle with a message of dreams into the sea, with these words:

 "My name is Daniel I am 3 years and my dream is to have a secret house of children. I will fulfill my dream and you? You are very lucky to find my message in an ocean. Sure your dream comes true. Please fill this role and returns the bottle to the sea.
My mom has a blog: http://creamomentos.blogspot.com/
We would be happy if you write us a comment in the post of March 15, 2011 saying when and where you found the bottle, along with your dream. You can also mail mom to: creandomomentos@gmail.com
Please be sure to put in the subject line or heading, " xxx "....Hope your dreams come true, mine too."

We hope that our bottle is found by other dreamers who can see their dreams fulfilled ...

Dreamer 1: Daniel. Date: 10/03/2011 Place: The Sea Inside, coast of Barcelona. Dream: A wooden house.

Dreamer 2: Jose. Date: 11/03/2011 Place: Prat beach (Barcelona). Dream: Unconfessed. (Click here)

Dreamer 3: Maybe you?

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